Melbourne’s largest independent Workshop

Melbourne’s largest independent Workshop

car battery replacement

Year-round servicing and maintenance of your car battery is essential for consistent high performance. If you have been experiencing trouble with your car battery, bring your car to The Workshop – our team of expert mechanics will be happy to assist you!

There might be several reasons for your car battery to have stopped working. Is it just the cold weather? Is the battery still sending a charge even after you’ve switched the car off? Is there any corrosion? Perhaps your car battery seems to be working properly and your automotive problem lies with a faulty alternator. No matter what you need, be it car battery replacement or alternator replacement, The Workshop is here to help you get back on the road.

They look for your car’s cell, starter and the charging system. After checking the battery for its performance, The Workshop staff recommends for you only the best services to upgrade your car. These are experts are highly trained professionals each with many years of experience. Their skill-sets will be highly useful when it comes to repairing your motor vehicle.

Alternator Replacement

To ensure deliverance of quality service with no compromise on the work done, The Workshop takes pride of hiring the finest mechanics of the town. These professional mechanics are trained regularly to keep their servicing skills polished with the state of the art equipment to offer you the best of the services. Moreover, components, lubricants and battery used for servicing are procured from the top brands of Australia, eliminating any remaining chances of poor quality service.

To know more about the car battery replacement and alternator replacement services, you can call our staff at (03) 8581 2222 or email at Our expert staff will be happy to guide and counsel you in the most effective way possible.

To get your car battery or alternator checked and replaced at a very competitive price, visit The Workshop at 1 Nepean Highway, Mentone, Victoria – 3194 or book a service online here.


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