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Melbourne’s largest independent Workshop

power steering service

Problems with power steering can destroy the entire driving experience. Be it heavy steering problem, noisy operation, leaks, shudder feeling through the steering or the failure of the entire component, it can all ruin the possibility of a smooth drive. These power steering problems can occur due to a variety of reasons including the daily wear and tear. However, regular servicing can maintain its functionality and improve its durability. The Workshop provides all power steering services Melbourne for a multitude of car brands, low and high end both.

When you bring your car for power steering service at The Workshop, it undergoes through rigorous inspection. These diagnostic inspection procedures include checking the pump for mechanical operation, the belts for alignment and tension and the security of rack mounts in their position. Once inspected, the power steering is serviced to revive it to its original condition and get the car back on the road as soon as possible. We can confidently say we provide the best power steering repairs Melbourne has to offer.

Whatever the reason for inefficient performance by the power steering, be it the heavy pressure of daily wear and tear or contamination from oxidation, debris or varnish deposits, The Workshop mechanics can fix the problem in no time. With years of training and revolutionary equipment for use, The Workshop staff members deliver the highest quality of power steering service.


The power steering services by The Workshop ensure that the steering response is improved and steering assistance is renewed. Regular servicing also avoids premature failure of the steering system and prevents noise, leakage and stiffness problems. All these power steering services and more at The Workshop are available at affordable rates so that everyone can benefit from premium quality power steering services.

If your car’s power steering is not allowing you to maneuver the car in tight spots or if you want servicing done as per the recommended schedule, call The Workshop today at (03) 8581 2222 or email us at You can also bring your car around to our workshop at 1 Nepean Highway, Mentone, Victoria – 3194, Australia. For online service booking for your power steering repairs, click here.


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